Impulsy (member of the ATM S.A. capital group) ends a successful year 2009

Impulsy Sp. z o.o., member of the ATM capital group, noted numerous deployments of its dedicated health-care solution, Medicus On-Line, during the previous year. For the second year in a row, Medicus On-Line has been awarded with the prestigious European award, EuroCertyfikat 2009.


Medicus On-Line is an IT system for supporting hospital and clinic (both public and private) management. It allows for keeping full medical records, and making settlements with the National Health Fund. The system offered by Impulsy combines administrative, medical (including laboratory analytics) and medical imaging. It can be integrated with all bar code solutions: patient cards in a clinic, patient arm tags in a hospital, coded documents etc.

Medicus On-Line deployed in ZOZ ?Medical?, Puławy

In January, Impulsy completed Medicus On-Line (MOL) deployment in the ZOZ ?Medical?, Puławy. The system handles the medical activities in the clinic, i.e. registration, complete patient documentation, NHF settlements, and, which is a new feature of the system, it is integrated with plastic patient ID cards.

The plastic card replaces ID documents. It bears the patient?s full name, unique patient ID and a bar code. The patient presents his card at the reception desk, and the clerk scans the bar code to gain immediate access to the patient?s data. This way, booking a visit or providing the patient with the information he or she needs is only three clicks away. Such solution speeds up work and shortens queues.

?At the beginning, everybody was concerned about replacing the traditional, hardcopy documentation with computes. After a short time, however, it turned out to be a good thing. All the time, we discover new, positive aspects of computerization? ? said doctor Elżbieta Gałczyńska-Czerniec, family doctor and manager at the ZOZ.

The next step of clinic modernization will be to allow the patients to book visits and examinations via a special website. Similar solutions are already successfully used by other customers of Impulsy.

Numerous Medicus On-Line deployments all over Poland

The e-booking service was successfully deployed in the Koszalin Provincial Hospital. It allows the patients to book a visit at a specific doctor via a website. All information on the scheduled visit, such as confirmation or rescheduling by the patient, is confirmed in an e-mail sent to the patient?s address.

At the end of the year, an end-to-end deployment of the Medicus On-Line system was performed at the Samodzielna Publiczna Przychodnia Wiejska Gminy Chojnice (Independent Public Rural Clinic of the Chojnice Commune). This deployment also included the installation and launch of the e-booking system. The patients are now able to book visits at general practitioners and specialists online.

The deployment completed by Impulsy Sp. z o.o. at the M. Kajka District Hospital in Mrągowo included integration with a bar code system. The bar codes are printed on each document generated by the system and on arm tags for newborns. This way, the patient?s data can be accessed immediately after scanning the bar code. This saves a lot of time for both the patients and the personnel. The system?s deployment covers all operations carried out in the hospital, including the wards, the hospital emergency unit, laboratory, pharmacy etc.

Also in 2009, the Medicus On-Line system has been successfully deployed in several medical facilities in Warsaw, including the private rehabilitation clinics ?Feniks Medica? and ?Etos?, as well as in the MSWiA Specialist Hospital in Otwock.

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Impulsy Sp. z o.o. has been present on the Polish market of IT services for the medical sector for almost 20 years. The company sells, deploys and maintains IT systems for hospitals and clinics, including in particular its proprietary product Medicus On-Line for end-to-end management of medical facilities, and efficient financial settlements with the National Health Fund. For more information, visit:

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